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  • Hi Alan this is rely cool man l like your web side birds are doing ok the way you sad weather hasn’t been that good the last two weeks here to Lemon bar is on eggs and white male also laid eggs with blue bar female and whoever did your web page i really like it and if you could help me out to you guys can make me a net page to call me when you have a chance we can talk l am signing in your guest book if i call you are in school or so that`s why when you are available that l will not know ? you good take care of yourself and hope to hear from you soon Matthew from San Josey

  • After talking to Alan I decided to buy some birds from him, and I couldn’t have been any happier. The birds got to me in great shape and were very beautiful. Everything Alan told me was true and I will definitely buy birds from him again.


  • I bought a pair of young blacks and they are great birds. They are already tumbling and are my best performing birds right now and they look good. I’ve bought birds from other people and they were junk. This is the guy to buy birds from. Thanks man

  • It was good talking to you yesterday.I do not know much about TT’s but you have some very pretty colored birds.Beak crested,deep dun with gold breast and the light duns with the yellow/gold are really attractive..Keep in touch Ted

  • Nice website and beautiful birds. I just acquired a couple young pair of Mardin Taklas. When you have some of the Miski or Miro available let me know, very interested.
    Thanks for promoting the Turkish Tumblers

  • So pleased that I had the chance to stop by and say hello. You have a very nicely assembled website. Just goes to show what hard work and dedication to a project does. It eventually pays off. Good job!

  • Hi.I was wondering if you have any Blues available? I realy like the ones with the Blue neck and ice colored body you have some nice ones on your site. Thank you Tanja

  • I just acquired some birds from you, Sabuni and Miski Tumblers. They are among the most beautiful birds I have seen. I am very impressed with their quality and thank you so much for offering them. Very happy to have them, can’t wait to set them up for breeding, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • I am seeking Turkish tumblers (takla) ….. I am east coast America and seeking a awesome bird I can train and fly alone. A young pair would be nice in traditional colors I don’t like these white show birds I am into proformance and need a foundation pair young I can raise them , learn them and I can breed after they are mature an trained… (216)894-5664 Muwsa

  • I really like your Miski Tumblers with the Golden Brown heads and breasts do you have any for sale at this time if so what is the price of your birds and do these tumble good thank you Bruce

  • i have been breeding tumblers most of my life and alan definetly has the best in the country i am planning to show some of his birds soon and i am on his waiting list for a lot more birds

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